The Five Principles of Helping + The Triangle Illustration

These five principles were part of a series of posts presenting some of the principles/lessons learned in my personal walk as well as while counseling as a biblical specialist.  I extend them here with the hope that they will strengthen your confidence in the Scriptures to minister to others as God cares for you.* ❤️

Principle #1: God convicts our hearts to draw us closer to Himself through repentance; He never “guilts” or beats up His kids. 

Principle #2: The Battle is real.  While Satan intends us harm, God uses disappointment and tragedy for our good–to promote spiritual maturity as we learn to trust Him more.

Principle #3: Whenever you find yourself talking to yourself, you’re probably sinning.  Switch gears–and TALK TO GOD INSTEAD!

Principle #4: The Bible is not a cookbook meant to fix problems.  The Bible is God’s means of extending Endurance, Encouragement and Hope to the hurting, as well equipping us to do good works. 

Principle #5: Resist pity. Pray about everything. Act out of the Compassion of Christ Jesus.

The Triangle Illustration was introduced with Principle #3 but can readily be applied with any of the five:  

Who or what rules your heart? Anything less than God is and Idol.

*To access the post associated with the Principle, press the Principle #.

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