Cromwell’s Dash ~

We named him Cromwell because his mother was an English spring spaniel “with papers.”  Cromwell did not have “papers” because he definitely more resembled his dad (presumably a black lab,)  but he had a way of touching the hearts of our family as we enjoyed him for fourteen years, three months and seven days.   As Cromwell grew we changed; his enjoyment of life rubbing off on us.  Walks became adventures and trumpet practice became great concerts, accompanied by joyful howls he sang to certain songs.  He became known by family and friends as Cromwell the Wonder Dog!  He had a special place in our family but he never took advantage of it.

The Bible talks about man’s responsibilities in caring for all of Creation, but so far as I can recall, there is no mention of how animals can touch the human heart.  It is one of those mysteries in life that I believe God uses to encourage and provide companionship for us.  Cromwell served us well during some of those painful seasons: ever ready to accompany us on midnight walks, listening without judging as we struggled through each and every challenge.  He had no words to offer but our appreciation for his steadfast loyalty to both of us helped to steady our rocking boat as God got us to the other side.

In my last post, More Than A Dash, I wrote about the life experience that takes place between the date we are born and the date we die.  I referred to that time period as the dash recorded on a grave marker.  This morning, our faithful Cromwell completed his dash quietly, having given everything he had as a special gift from God.   At this time it is hard to think of life without him, but I know that the sweetness of our memories will soon overtake the pain of missing him.

I remembered Ecclesiastes 3:11 this afternoon and found comfort from its reminder of God’s mysterious ways:

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”


June 22, 1998 – September 29, 2012

All to His Glory!


  1. Kathie,
    I remember Cromwell from our visit to you. I also remember how much you and Marshall enjoyed him! So sorry for your loss. I remember when we lost Shannon and it’s tough. God bless you! Love you, Sandy and John


  2. Never easy to lose such a good friend and family member. May you find lots of comfort in wonderful memories made with such a special dog! xoxo Liz


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