Waiting ~

It has been two weeks since my last post.  I do not know if you have missed me, but I definitely have missed connecting with you through our “cord of three strands!”  (Ecclesiastes 4:12)  It isn’t as if I haven’t written, because I have . . . volumes!  But in the end, what I read falls short of what I believe He would have me say to you so . . . I wait . . . we wait on our God who is so very faithful . . . Happy Sabbath!

“Wait for the LORD, be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.”  Psalm 27:14

All to His Glory!


  1. Nice! And good Sabbath modeling! :-). I pray that in His time, He gives you His words. Meanwhile, it’s a sabbatical for your weary body.

    Round 2 of our inductive study group went well! Lots of enthusiasm for what we all learned, some good practice, and plenty of digging in. If we had started on time both Saturdays and had kept our lunch time shorter, we may have been able to complete everything. As it was, we could have used another two hours (ah, the “lost” hour from each Saturday…) to fully finish. But we had beautiful fellowship and profitable study time, so it was quite excellent. I’m hoping for a repeat experience! 🙂

    And the Lord kept up my strength until everyone left. Then my whole head was so massively congested that my breathing was impaired! I stayed awake until a mega-dose of decongestant kicked in and then slept propped up on pillows. Better this AM!

    Love, Dona Sent from my iPhone


  2. Better to wait then to ramble! Thanks for the honesty, Kathie and I know that I for one am willing to wait for your next blog entry. Love you!


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